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CV. Dayyan Abadi Sejahtera is a private construction company domiciled in South Sulawesi. We have the legality of being registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and have the legality of registered construction services.

We have been established since December 2, 2020 in East Luwu Regency, and have construction experts and carpenters with decades of experience.

The establishment of this company is a constant desire to show high dedication in improving the quality of human resources and the development of science and technology as a contribution to increasing the nation’s competitiveness in facing competition.


“Becoming a Professional, Leading, Trusted and Healthy Company in the construction and supply sector, and able to expand Nationally & Internationally. ”


  • Provide services and provide
    The best and quality products.
  • Improve ability and competitiveness
    HR with emphasis on technical skills development and
    project management.
  • Become a partner of National Development and
    while increasing well-being
    community through the provision of employment

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